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WhalesBot A3

WhalesBot A3

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The ideal coding companion for young learners aged 3-5 years old. This innovative product offers a wide array of educational opportunities with its 12 engaging courses, making it an excellent choice for STEM education, robotics, and coding toys enthusiasts. The A3 Coding Robot makes learning to code a delightful experience with its user-friendly "Blocks" coding method. Through this intuitive approach, kids will grasp the basics of coding in a fun and interactive way, making it perfect for introducing STEM education concepts to young minds. As they progress, they will gain an understanding of essential concepts such as basic construction, introduction to electronic bricks, logic (input/output/controller), and more. The primary goal of the A3 Coding Robot program is to equip young learners with entry-level coding skills. By the end of the course, children will have mastered writing basic codes and developed logical thinking skills, setting a strong foundation for their future in robotics and coding. This coding toy is a perfect addition to any STEM education toolkit for preschoolers, providing a playful and educational platform for early learners to explore the exciting world of technology and coding.

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